Glasgow Maritime Academy
Glasgow Maritime Academy LLP

101 Abercromby Business Centre

279 Abercromby Street

Glasgow G40 2DD, United Kingdom

Master MCA UK Preparatory Course (In India and UK)
HELM ( Operation / Managment level)
MCA Approved Tanker Courses (Oil / Gas/Chem) for MCA- DCE

Why Book with us:-

1) Batches every month.
2) 91% passing rate
3) Ex. MCA surveyor & PhD Master 4)mariner as part of the faculty.
5) Class till you pass policy
6)Course pattern 3 weeks class as per syllabus, 4th-week mock orals and group rapid fire questions answers
rounds, 5th-week Actual oral exam, 6th-week HELM Course.
7)Visa letter provided for Candidates as well as spouse and children.
8)Visa-travel Assistance, NOE assistance and forex procedure free of charge.

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