Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the content censored?

The content to be posted is first to be sent to the email address marketing@sea-connect.com, where the date will be reviewed. If accepted by the sea connect team it will be posted or otherwise it will be resent to the individual to make necessary changes and send it back to seaconnect.

How does this site work?

This site works as any social media site where in the user registers himself on the site and for future usage he has to login with a user name and password. Then the user has access to various other fields.

Is my privacy respected?

Yes, privacy is respected and user has an option to share his posts to all or keep it private. Also the user data is kept confidential and not shared with anyone.

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How do I report someone?

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Is this only for Seafarers?

No its for all everyone related to shipping community. Be it seafarers,their families, friends,individuals with any link to ships or shipping community.

Can I send my stories for publishing?

Yes, you can send your shipping related incidents or personal stories and if selected will be uploaded on the site.

Do I have to pay anything to avail the services on this site?

No, the site is completely free for registration,viewing and usage.

Do you run promotional offers on the website?

Yes from time to time we do run promotional offers exclusive to individuals registered on the site.

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