‘No takers for your malware’: Indian envoy to UN hits out at Pakistan

10 January 2020

Syed Akbaruddin made the comments at a ministerial-level open debate at the UN Security Council (UNSC) after Pakistan’s Munir Akram spoke about Jammu and Kashmir.

Akbaruddin also stressed upon the UNSC as “part of the political toolkit” to address ongoing and future threats to global peace and security. (Photo: Twitter/ AkbaruddinIndia)


India told Pakistan Thursday it should stop peddling falsehoods at the United Nations as there “are no takers here for your malware”, the usual alarmist rhetoric Pakistan deploys at the world body to catch the attention of member nations who have shown no interest in them.

India also slammed the UN Security Council for its growing crisis of identity and lack of relevance, which it said, rendered it incapable of tackling the “globalization of terror networks; (and) the weaponization of new technologies”, that has been driven, India did not say explicitly, by Pakistan and its backers.

India has been pushing the UN for reforming the Security Council, its top-decision making body, to make it more reflective and representative of the changed world than the one that gave birth to the world body 75 years ago. It is seeking permanent membership of the reformed and expanded council, with the support of all major powers.

“One delegation that epitomizes the dark arts has, yet again, displayed its wares by peddling falsehoods earlier today,” said Syed Akbaruddin, the Indian permanent representative to the UN, during an open debate at the UN Security Council on Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Upholding the United Nations Charter.

He added; “These we dismiss with disdain. My simple response to Pakistan is even though it is late, neighbor heal thyself of your malaise. There are no takers here for your malware.”

The PR spoke after the Pakistani delegation, which had replayed an alarmist portrayal of the situation in the sub-continent, and specially at the border, that it has used before to push the world body to intervene, a which it has refused to, aligning itself with India’s position that the dispute must be dealt with bilaterally.

In its pursuit of UN intervention, or by any other country or entity, the Pakistan delegation had repeated claims from a letter Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi wrote to the council president and the US secretary general in December to seek a meeting of the Security Council on India, post August 5 abrogation Article 370: that India has made over 3,000 ceasefire violations, cutting portion of the fence along the border for passage for its military, and deployment of regiments equipped with BrahMos missiles.

This December 12 letter from Qureshi was used by China to seek a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss Kashmir after the August 5 abrogation of Article 370 but it was forced to back off by other members of the Security Council, namely the United States (which held the UNSC rotational chair for the month), France, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Source: Hindustan Times



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